New Feature: Lyrics


Sometimes we open auditions to songs that only have one member singing. So, this new Lyric category will be used only when we open auditions for solo songs! I guess in a way, it’s neater than using Google Docs? I mean, we have quite a few docs on there anyway. xD

Unfortunately, right now… the color box doesn’t show up on here. :/ Meeh. I can think of something when needed. xD

More auditions will be opened soon! We’re almost done with the ones we currently have. ❤


Managers Needed!


Yeep, Manager Position is now open!

– Managers will help me with these un-finished collabs (Help with reminders/gather links)
– Mixing (I will only make them Mix if they offer to do it tho xD)
– “Advertise” when Replacements are needed (No one offers these days so like, I need help x_x)
– Making Scripts/Lyrics *optional* (I don’t require Doubles/Harmonies in collabs, but they do make it sound fuller)
– Self-cast in collabs they wanna join (We do FCFS anyway OTL so not like this matters)

Managers will be assigned various Kpop groups based on the preferred number of members. ^^;
For example, if you prefer small groups (2-4 members), you be helping me with groups like Orange Caramel.
Unlimited amount of youtubers can do multiple groups. There’s 3 categories – Small, Medium, Large.

– Small / 2-4 Members (Ex: Orange Caramel, Sistar, Secret)
– Medium / 5-6 Members (Ex: SHINee, f(x), B.A.P)
– Large / 7+ (Ex: SNSD, Super Junior)

(Stuff like G20 isn’t common, so there’s no 4th category for Very Large Groups. Larger groups, I believe, are more common with Jpop – like with AKB48, but we don’t do a lot of Jpop songs, so I’m just not gonna add it in. Maybe if we do more Jpop songs I might, but… for now… keep it like this. xD)

Video here:


This… This is getting way outta hand. So, I need to say something! Now, I hope everyone listens to my advise, keke. :3 (FYI, this is copied from my tumblr. :D)


If you’re a Kpop Coverist on Youtube, you might’ve heard about CriticallyLethal

Another channel was made (CriticaliyLethai). Then, that channel made two more accounts (cassoneiove and DigitalNeveriand157) and started posing as Chohee and Heesung. ><

DO NOT SPEAK TO THESE 4 PEOPLE! Don’t send them PMs, don’t send comments to them or reply to their comments. Just block them, remove their comments as spam, and ignore them.

All Kpop Coverists need to realize that if WE ALL ignore this dude (even if he is not commenting on your videos), then this TROLL will realize that they’re not effecting us anymore. Therefore, they won’t get their sickly joy they crave and they’ll leave us alone. ^^

I never said a word to the guy (even if I wanted to). I immediately blocked him when I found out about him. He hasn’t stumbled across my channel, or said anything to me (and trust me, he would of said something already ’cause I am definitely not the best coverist, haha).

Now, don’t get confused with cassonelove and DigitalNeverland157. The posers replaced the L in ‘love’ with an I, and the L in ‘neverland’ with an I. Even the CriticallyLethal poser put I’s on the second L in ‘critically’ and the last L in ‘lethal’. Besides, the real Chohee and Heesung actually have VIDEOS on their channels. So, don’t be fooled. :3

*sigh* Point about this post is to block them, ignore them and move on. ^^

And to all the people that they commented on, please do not stop covering because of this guy. You are all great coverists and have lovely voices. Only an idiot would disagree. If you want to stop covering because you want to, then that is fine. But to quit because of this stupid guy? No way. 😀

Now, I hope all of you take my advise and just leave this guy alone. Even if you’re not a Kpop Coverist on Youtube, block him. The faster he’s gone, the happier we will all be, keke. :3

Thank you for reading (this totally doesn’t fit here, but I had to say something)