Managers Needed!


Yeep, Manager Position is now open!

– Managers will help me with these un-finished collabs (Help with reminders/gather links)
– Mixing (I will only make them Mix if they offer to do it tho xD)
– “Advertise” when Replacements are needed (No one offers these days so like, I need help x_x)
– Making Scripts/Lyrics *optional* (I don’t require Doubles/Harmonies in collabs, but they do make it sound fuller)
– Self-cast in collabs they wanna join (We do FCFS anyway OTL so not like this matters)

Managers will be assigned various Kpop groups based on the preferred number of members. ^^;
For example, if you prefer small groups (2-4 members), you be helping me with groups like Orange Caramel.
Unlimited amount of youtubers can do multiple groups. There’s 3 categories – Small, Medium, Large.

– Small / 2-4 Members (Ex: Orange Caramel, Sistar, Secret)
– Medium / 5-6 Members (Ex: SHINee, f(x), B.A.P)
– Large / 7+ (Ex: SNSD, Super Junior)

(Stuff like G20 isn’t common, so there’s no 4th category for Very Large Groups. Larger groups, I believe, are more common with Jpop – like with AKB48, but we don’t do a lot of Jpop songs, so I’m just not gonna add it in. Maybe if we do more Jpop songs I might, but… for now… keep it like this. xD)

Video here:


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